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N21 is marked by its elegance, high quality and a cosy ambience. The boutique office building is located in the very centre of Warsaw, on Nowogrodzka street.
The simple, eye-catching form inspired by modernist architecture perfectly blends with the surrounding area. Carefully selected materials have been used asfor the decorative finish: the façade with clearly marked vertical divisions is covered with travertine and basalt.

All surfaces in N21 are faced with the best materials. A combination of stone and wood panelling gives the stylish front desk and other common areas a unique character. Works by Michał Kochański, a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, adorn the reception area. The ground floor is occupied by a deluxe reception area and two retail units.


Many shops, restaurants, bars and cafes can be found in the vicinity of N21. The building is also located within a short distance of government institutions, the Stock Exchange and hotels.
  • 3 minto Novotel Hotel
  • 5 minto Mercure Hotel
  • 8 minto Galeria Centrum Hotel
  • 3 minto restaurants on Żurawia and Krucza streets
  • 5 minto department store on ul. Mysia 3
  • 10 minto Palace of Culture and Science
  • 4 minto Vitkac department store
  • 6 minto Pl. Trzech Krzyży
  • 12 minto the Złote Tarasy
  • 5 minto Polonia Palace Hotel
  • 7 minto the Warsaw Stock Exchange


N21's location in the very centre of the city is perfect for commuters.
Transport Connections

Transport Connections


  • tram stops
  • on-street parking
  • bus stops
  • veturillo bike stations
  • railway stations
  • hotels
  • subway stations
  • railway line
  • public car parks
  • subway line

coffee shops

  • 1. Vincent
  • 2. Cupcake Corner
  • 3. Green Cafe Nero
  • 4. Między Słowami
  • 5. Costa Coffee
  • 6. Starbucks
  • 7. Green Caffe Nero
  • 8. Granola Café
  • 9. Costa Coffee
  • 10. Green Cafe Nero
  • 11. Krakowska Manufaktura Czekolady
  • 12. Monique Bakery
  • 13. Krucza Cafe
  • 14. Szpilka Cafe
  • 15. Starbucks
  • 16. Galeria Wypieków
  • 17. Cava
  • 18. Café Blikle
shopping malls


  • 1. Subway
  • 2. The Pictures
  • 3. C.K.Oberża
  • 4. Hoppiness
  • 5. Bordo
  • 6. Česká
  • 7. Pizza Hut, Burger King
  • 8. Kitchen
  • 9. Stara Kamienica
  • 10. Na Brackiej
  • 11. The Legendary Jack's Cinema
  • 12. Między nami
  • 13. Vegan Street Food
  • 14. Zapiecek
  • 15. La Tomatina
  • 16. Osiem i pół
  • 17. Bibenda
  • 18. Namaste India
  • 19. Natu
  • 20. Dubrovnik – Chata Chorwata
  • 21. Bątą
  • 22. Żurawina
  • 23. Bobby Burger
  • 24. Tukan Salad Bar
  • 25. Butchery & Wine
  • 26. Trattoria Da Antonio
  • 27. Silk & Spicy
  • 28. Wabu Sushi
  • 29. Salad Story
  • 30. Lokal Vegan Bistro
  • 31. Uki Uki
  • 32. De Brasil
  • 33. San Lorenzo
  • 34. Sushi Zushi
  • 35. Warszawa Kulturalna
  • 36. Ole! Restaurant
  • 37. Plac Barcelona
  • 38. Pestka Organic Bistro
  • 39. Mela Verde
  • 40. Między Bułkami
  • 41. Bobby Burger
  • 42. Buddha Indian


With excellent and plentiful shopping opportunities, numerous cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs, N21's neighbourhood remains vibrant around the clock.

Office Space

N21's total usable floor area is 3,655 square metres (including 2,951 square metres of office space). The average area of each floor is approximately 450 square metres. The building consists of nine floors (including the ground floor). There is a large terrace on the 6th floor.

Select a floor for more information about the rental space
  • floor 887 m2 - 214 m2 brutto
  • floor 787 m2 - 300 m2 brutto
  • floor 687 m2 - 426 m2 brutto
  • floor 5104 m2 - 439 m2 brutto
  • floor 4117 m2 - 440 m2 brutto
  • floor 3117 m2 - 440 m2 brutto
  • floor 2117 m2 - 440 m2 brutto
  • floor 198 m2 - 511 m2 brutto
  • floor 0146 m2 - 372 m2 brutto

Floor Plans


+ 48 22 255 08 80

TRIUVA is a leading provider and manager of structured real estate products for institutional investors with assets under management of around EUR 10 billion. As an integrated investment platform with a net-work of branches spanning Europe and many years of expertise, the company offers its investors all services for the structuring and management of real estate investment products. TRIUVA essentially focuses on commercial properties in the office, retail and logistics sector in Europe.

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